There is one home purchase that can do more for the environment and a household budget than any other single investment – install an energy-efficient, sustainable metal roof.   Here are five reasons why:

1. Cool metal roofs reduce energy costs from day one (up to 25% lower utility bills).

2. Metal roofing provides the Cadillac of warranties.  Most metal roofs offer a minimum warranty of 50 years while others offer a true lifetime warranty that will even transfer once.  They have the highest wind ratings available, color warranties against fading, and certain styles will withstand extreme snow loads (

3. Unlike asphalt shingles, which are petroleum-based, metal roofs are 100% recyclable, and provide lasting protection that increases the value of your home.

4. Metal roofs are made with recycled materials, and provide a market for recycled steel —your old car or dishwasher can be turned into a new roof. “A metal roof is a long term solution that increases the value of your home while reducing its environmental impact. Homeowners plagued with ‘green guilt’ can proudly point to their metal roof as a smart, eco-friendly investment.”

5. Metal is an investment grade roofing product. In fact, many homeowners who install a metal roof will never have to buy another roof – not so with other materials.  Traditional roofing products, such as asphalt, contribute 13 billion pounds of waste to U.S. landfills annually.

Today’s residential metal roofs are far different than those you may see on barns and Pizza Huts. In fact, they are high-tech wonders that feature highly reflective coatings that provide year-round relief from high energy costs. Metal also offers a variety of styles, including tiles, shakes, shingles or standing-seam panels to either make a statement or blend in with the neighborhood.

“Today, more homeowners than ever are choosing metal roofs, because they can select from a variety of materials and styles that immediately reduce their energy bills while protecting their family for years to come,” said Bill Hippard, president of the non-profit Metal Roofing Alliance, (, a coalition dedicated to educating consumers about the benefits of modern metal roofing. “In fact, three times as many homeowners choose a metal roof today than when MRA began its education effort in 1998.”


Tests conducted by the independent Oak Ridge National Laboratories (ORNL) indicate that a cool metal roof can save a homeowner up to 25% in cooling costs compared to a dark-gray asphalt shingle. In areas with cold winters, above-sheathing ventilation is the key to achieving year-round benefits. ORNL’s field tests have shown that the combination of venting and increased reflectance can reduce the heat penetrating the roof deck by about 45 percent for stone-coated metal roofs compared to an asphalt shingle roof in certain climates.

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