Make a Life-Long Investment in Your Home.

Metal Roofing and Life Cycle Cost Analysis

Planning a roofing project for the coming season?
How would you feel about having to do it all over again 10 to 15 years from now? With metal roofing, you need not worry. Longevity is one of the top reasons consumers report choosing metal roofing for their homes. When configured and installed properly by Metal Roofing Alliance Member Contractors, metal roofing can last as long as fifty years or more, requiring very little maintenance and looking beautiful all the while.


But it isn’t just the dependability that people love about long-living metal roofing; it’s the low life cycle cost. Few homeowners realize until after the fact but metal roofing can actually cost as little or less than asphalt roofing. Since asphalt roofing needs to be replaced 2 – 4 times as often as metal roofing, you really need to multiply not only the initial cost of asphalt roofing materials but also the cost of asphalt roof repairs and re-installation man hours to compare to the typical “once-a-lifetime” metal roofing installation.

Additional Savings and Benefits

Homeowners who invest in metal roofing can further reduce their roof’s life cycle cost by carefully selecting metal roofing products that:

For more information on metal roofing life cycle costs and consumer savings, please seek advice from your local Metal Roofing Alliance Member.

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