Metal Roofing Means Investment Grade Roofing – August 2016

Metal roofing for private, commercial, re-roof and new construction projects continues to outpace the competition.

Why you ask?

Investment Grade Metal RoofingWith ever increasing information available, the average homeowner is more aware than ever of the benefits of metal roofing and its clear advantages over roofing materials like asphalt shingles. While metal roofs are known for durability and energy-efficiency, their initial cost sometimes leads to the wrong impression that they might be too expensive. The reality, however, is far different; metal roofs actually provide more financial benefits than traditional asphalt shingles, producing an amazing return on investment that few other materials can match which is why metal roofs have become the second largest residential roofing product on the market today. The Metal Roofing Alliance, a coalition dedicated to educating consumers about the benefits of modern metal roofing, is a tremendous national resource for information and trends regarding metal roofing. .

Investment Grade Metal RoofingTrue Green Roofing Solutions in Reno, Nevada, provides the area’s widest selection of metal roofing styles and sustainable roof options. As the authority they offer you years of experience and information when choosing your new roof. Servicing Nevada, Truckee, the Lake Tahoe Basin and Northern California, they understand the unique climate and building challenges that face homeowners here. Whether you are building a new home, dealing with specific roofing issues or bringing your home/second home up to current code and compliance levels, these tasks can be daunting and potentially expensive.


One specific type of metal roofing offered by True Green Roofing Solutions is stone coated steel – manufactured by Gerard Roofing Technologies. This type of metal roofing not only benefits the owner with traditional metal roofing assurances, but can help to reduce ice damming with over sheathing ventilation as well as adding insulating value and energy efficiencies to your home. True Green Roofing Solutions also offers extensive lines of standing seam styles as well as metal fabricated to look like slate, diamonds, shingles, etc. Their materials have conclusive testing results, coupled with the Class A fire rating, wind and hail protection, sustainable – recyclable materials and a true lifetime, non-prorated transferable warranty have won the coveted endorsement of all local county building departments.


Metal roofing requires a larger initial investment, but the true life cycle costs are significantly lower as you are eliminating the need to re-roof – while virtually eradicating roof maintenance. Let’s face it, in a disposable world it’s reassuring to know that there are still a few things – such as metal roofing – that are one and done!!

True Green Roofing Solutions is your authority on roofing with a dedication to metals and sustainable materials. They have won numerous awards and have been recognized for their outstanding customer service. Contact them at (775)225-1590 or on the web at http://TrueGreenRoofingSolutions.comThey have an extensive library of articles on their blog –