Metal Roofs Prevent Spread of Forest Fires to Residential Homes

San Diego, CA – As California begins to clean up from the recent wildfires, residents look ahead and think about preventative measures that can be taken to ensure this level of devastation doesn’t happen again.

Along with clearing brush and debris away from a home, installing a metal roof is one of the most proactive steps that can be taken to reduce the chance of a house being destroyed by fire as well as reduce the fires’ ability to spread.

The California fires have burned nearly 730,000 acres to date and have destroyed more than 2,600 homes. Seven major fires are still burning in four counties.

“I’ve seen too many homes burned to the ground that could’ve been prevented,” said Jim McMullen, former California State Fire Marshall. “A metal roof is one of – if not the – best preventative steps a homeowner can take to prevent the spread of residential fires and save their own homes.

“What’s happening in Southern California may not have been preventable, but if there were more metal roofs on residences it might have been more easily contained. As residents look ahead to rebuilding their homes, residential metal roofing should be considered as a strong preventative measure.”

Most forest fires decimate residential communities through burning pine needles and other debris blown from roof to roof. More conventional roofs, such as asphalt, catch fire relatively easily and the home subsequently burns to the ground. With a metal roof, however, those same homes could be saved.

“Metal roofing is not only a wise choice in the west because of its resiliency to fire,” said Tom Black, Executive Director of the Metal Roofing Alliance. “Metal roofing is more energy efficient than conventional asphalt and aesthetically it comes in many designs ranging from shake to shingle to Spanish tile.”

The Metal Roofing Alliance was formed to educate consumers on these and other benefits of metal roofing, now available for residential applications. Visit to learn more about metal roofing and to find a metal roofing contractor in your area.

Courtesy of the Metal Roof Alliance