What’s On Your Roof? …. Metal?












Metal roofing for private, commercial, re-roof and new construction projects continues to outpace the competition. Why you ask?

With ever increasing information available, the average homeowner is more aware than ever of the benefits of metal roofing and its clear advantages over roofing materials like asphalt shingles. “Today, more homeowners than ever are choosing metal roofs, because they can select from a variety of materials and styles that immediately reduce their energy bills while protecting their family for years to come,” said Bill Hippard, president of the non-profit Metal Roofing Alliance, a coalition dedicated to educating consumers about the benefits of modern metal roofing. “In fact, three times as many homeowners choose a metal roof today than when MRA began its education effort in 1998.” Metal reigns in roofing style, maintenance and energy efficiency according to HOUZZ.com.

It used to be, according to Metal Sales Mfg., historically people chose asphalt roofing because its primary substance – oil – was cheap and plentiful and the alternatives few and more cost prohibitive. These conditions have definitely changed. In the past 5 years alone asphalt roofing has increased in price by 200%, effectively closing the gap with superior metal roof styles. You are not limited to just one or two particular, industrial styles – in fact metal roofing styles range from linear standing seam and corrugated panels to shake, slate and shingle styles to name a few. Factor in the warranty discrepancy between the two and the question becomes: “Why wouldn’t you choose a metal roof?”

True Green Roofing Solutions, which offers the areas widest selection of metal roofing styles and options, will help to educate you on the power of making a good buying decision – one that should mean purchasing the least amount of risk. They are experts in their field and they seriously enjoy what they do. Providing the highest level of customer service and seeing their long list of satisfied customers grow is the greatest reward says owner Audrey Smith. Their extensive knowledge comes from years of experience and from continual education on products available to the industry. Located in Reno, NV and servicing Nevada, No. California, Truckee and the Lake Tahoe Basin, they understand the unique climate and building challenges that face homeowners here. Whether you are dealing with specific roofing issues or bringing your home/second home up to current code and compliance levels, these tasks can be daunting and potentially expensive. True Green Roofing will provide you with options and fair pricing.

One of True Green’s most popular roofing systems is stone coated steel – manufactured by Gerard Roofing Technologies (gerardusa.com). This type of metal roofing (available in different styles) not only benefits the owner with traditional metal roofing assurances and insurances, but can help to reduce ice damming with over sheathing ventilation as well as adding insulating value to the home. Manufacturers like Gerard have invested thousands of dollars into testing and recertifying its metal roofing products. Gerard Roofing is the sole manufacturer to invest in snow load testing specifically directed to the Truckee, Tahoe Donner, Lake Tahoe areas. These conclusive testing results, coupled with the highest Class A protection from wild fires, wind and hail protection, sustainable/environmentally friendly materials and a true lifetime, non-prorated transferable warranty have won the coveted endorsement of all local county building departments.
Metal roofing requires a larger initial investment, but the true life cycle costs are significantly lower. With metal you are eliminating re-roofing, virtually eradicating roof maintenance, reducing the urban footprint effect, supporting sustainable materials and providing a beautiful, aesthetic, protective, recoverable investment in your property. Roofing with metal adds true value to a property – something homeowners experience through years of ownership and also through re-sale.

True Green Roofing Solutions is your authority on roofing with a dedication to metals and sustainable materials. Contact them at 775-225-1590 (info@TrueGreenRoofing.com) or view them on the web at www.TrueGreenRoofing.com . They have an extensive library of articles on their blog – www.TrueGreenRoofing.com/news.