Copper/Zinc/Corten/Cold Rolled Steel

Copper, Zinc, Corten and Cold Rolled Steel Metal Roofs are:

Energy Efficient • Non Combustible Steel • Warranted against 2.5″ hail stones • LIfetime Warranty • Warranted against winds of up to 120 mph

Copper metal roof shingles are fabricated from solid copper with the same interlocking design and fastener system as our other metal shingles. Furthermore, they’ll stand up to extreme temperatures and high winds. And they offer superior moisture resistance. Most noteworthy, all our metal roofs are backed with a lifetime warranty. Therefore, once installed, the color of true metal roof copper shingles changes from a brilliant new copper to a deep, natural, elegant patina.  Consequently, how quickly the color deepens depends upon the amount of sunlight and moisture the roof receives. Even more, this is also affected by the geographic location and altitude.



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