Because of the abundant rain and snow experienced this season, we will be even more susceptible to the potential of an extreme fire season in 2010. Lush grasses and weeds flourish with moisture and will quickly dry out with the soon to come high temperatures and strong winds. This is a real-life scenario that should be considered when roofing or re-roofing a home.

Typically the roof is the most vulnerable feature of a home from floating embers.  Floating embers produced from fuels like grasses, trees, brush, wood shake roofing, etc. can be the most dangerous part of a fire spreading it quickly over large areas. The only long-term solution is to replace or construct with a fire resistant roofing system.

The best solution is metal roofing.  There are many types of metal roofing available that are not only aesthetically beautiful but also energy efficient.  Metal roofs are Title 24 compliant and benefit the home owner with added assessed value to their homes.  Most metal roofing comes with a true life-time warranty that will transfer, 120+ wind ratings, no fade warranties, energy star ratings and essentially no maintenance.  Insurance companies usually lower premiums when replacing wood shake roofing – check with your carrier.

These photos are of the Oakland Hills/Berkley firestorm of 1991.  This was a horrifically devastating fire fanned by high winds sometimes in excess of 70mph.  The floating embers devastated over 3700 homes and structures and took countless lives.  These miraculous photos show two particular homes that survived the devastation – both had Gerard stone coated metal roofing systems and the floating embers were unable to breach the structures.

For more information on this fire see: Firestorm_of_1991.

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